Community Feast of St. Francis

The animals were blessed in the front yard at Samaritan House this past Thursday. The furthest-traveled critter  was Charlie the eight year old Vietnamese pot-bellied pig who came over from his home on Bowen Island.


Our new community thrives

Today we celebrated the Eucharist for the second time in our current ‘home’. We’ve settled in nicely to using space at the New Way Community ( )every other Sunday afternoon at 4pm. It’s an accessible, adaptable space at 678 E Hastings St. with lots of bus service. You’re welcome to stay for coffee afterwards. Please join us next on September 30th.

Vikki Marie’s first community Eucharist

Rev. Dr. Vikki Marie celebrated her first Eucharist at Samaritan House on Saturday evening with a small group of friends present. It felt like the completion of the whole celebration of her ordination, which started a week ago Friday with the gathering of some of the Roman Catholic Womenpriests at the Vancouver Catholic Workers’ Samaritan House. Vikki says “It felt great to begin this new phase of service in my life”. (See our About page for the current worship schedule.)


Vikki Marie is ordained!

On Sunday July 29 2012 Vikki Marie was ordained as a priest by bishop Marie Bouclin who concelebrated the mass with Michele Birch-Conery and Roberta Fuller. Bishop Marie, Vikki, Michele, Roberta and 126 others around the world are members of the Roman Catholic Women Priests (RCWP) movement. This initiative is a renewal movement within the Roman Catholic Church. Their goal is to achieve full equality for all within the Church as a matter of justice and faithfulness to the Gospel. The Women Priests movement advocates for a new model of inclusive priestly ministry in the church.


Vikki invites all who would like to join a worshiping community that practices an open table to contact us and help us to shape this community. We’d like your input about worship times and places that work for the community. Please complete our survey, tell us a little about yourself and how you would like to participate.