Lent 2017 with OLGT – Contemplative Prayer Tuesdays

Weekly Lent activity will be contemplative prayer at Laura’s house starting March 7th –  2 to 4pm

We will read the gospel for the coming Sunday, then sit in contemplative silence for 30 minutes. There will be an opportunity to share after the 30 minutes, followed by coffee/tea and social time.

For location information and to RSVP, please email vikki at sistersea@gmail.com or phone 604-339-6413



World Day of Prayer 2017

St. James Anglican Church and the Our Lady of Guadalupe Tonantzin Society


“Am I Being Unfair toYou?”

World Day of Prayer 2017 written by the World Day of Prayer Committee of The Philippines


Before the World Wide Web, there was the World Day of Prayer, an international event that has been connecting people in a meaningful way for almost a century. Despite being planned years in advance, World Day of Prayer services have a remarkable record for anticipating major events, like the refugee crisis (France 2013), the Arab Spring (Egypt 2014) and the winding down of the U.S. embargo against Cuba (Cuba 2016).

The secret to this depth and insight is the women who plan and write each World Day of Prayer service. Too often, women have the most intimate experiences of armed conflict, violence, social injustice, and human rights violations. What might Canadians learn from women of the Philippines, a country on the front lines of climate change, foreign mining and resources interests, a regional insurgency and social upheaval due to migration, who wrote the World Day of Prayer 2017? How will we answer the question, “Am I being unfair to you?”

On March 3, 2017, Christians in more than 170 countries and in 2,000 communities across Canada will gather to learn about, pray, and celebrate in solidarity with the women of The Philippines through the World Day of Prayer. Please join us and invite your friends and family to attend the World Day of Prayer 2017.

A local World Day of Prayer service will be held at:

St. James Anglican Church

303 E. Cordova St., Vancouver on

Friday, March 3rd, 2017 at 3:00 pm


For more information on the World Day of Prayer services in the Downtown Eastside, please contact:

Rev. Dr. Vikki Marie, tepeyacvancouver@gmail.com

Patricia McSherry, patmcsherry@telus.net

In Canada, the World Day of Prayer is coordinated by the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada. For World Day of Prayer materials or to learn more about WICC, please visit our website or contact us: Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada, 47 Queen’s Park Crescent East, Toronto, ON M5S 2C3 Tel: (416) 929-5184; Fax (416) 929-4064; E-mail: wicc@wicc.org; Website: www.wicc.org; www.facebook/WICCanada

The World Day of Prayer has its roots in an ecumenical day of prayer organized by women in Canada and the United States in 1920. This event became the international World Day of Prayer in 1922, and Christians around the world began celebrating this event on the first Friday of March.


Join us for Creation Covenant – Lenten Reflections 2015

Our Lady of Guadalupe Tonantzin Community
invites you to join us this Lenten Season


5 consecutive Fridays
beginning February 20th, 2015
6:30 pm
1143 East Pender Street, Vancouver

“Creation Covenant: Lenten Reflections 2015” written by Sister Terri MacKenzie, SHCJ, draws prayerful attention to the extinction of plants and animals and the interconnected causes and effects of habitat loss. God is revealed both in Scripture and in Creation, and Creation is suffering and dying in our time. As people of faith, we want to respond not only to Jesus’ suffering and death, but also to the suffering and death within creation, where God lives and acts. Starting with the first reading of Lent — God’s covenant with all creation — the five sessions will explore a situation Pope Francis calls “a painful disfigurement.”

Session Dates: February 20, 27; March 6, 13, 20
Drop-ins also welcome for those who can’t make all sessions

Advent in the New Universe Story

You are invited to join us in Advent (don’t have to attend all 4 weeks)

This Advent program provides an opportunity for Christians to deepen their understanding of the Christmas/ Incarnation reality in the context of the New Universe Story. We now know that creation began 13.8 billion years ago, that the expanding universe contains billions of galaxies, that we and all creation are new each moment and intrinsically interconnected. We no longer live in a world with God “above.” This requires some basic re-thinking of the Christmas story! The Incarnation is a Mystery that a lifetime of contemplation would not exhaust. More and more theologians and others are writing about the transitions needed for its mutual integration with cosmic history. These pages contain just a few of their insights.

The four weeks include:

1. New Consciousness, New Christian Understanding
2. The Cosmos Prepares for New Life
3. Evolving Understanding of Humanity’s Place in Creation
4. Incarnation Revisited

When: 6:30 pm on December 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd (drop-ins welcome)
Where: Samaritan House, 1143 East Pender St., Vancouver
To register or for more information, please contact:
vikki – tepeyacvancouver@gmail.com


Aug. 11- Feast of St. Clare of Assisi celebration

Our Lady of Guadalupe Tonantzin Community and the Vancouver Catholic Worker invite you to join us on Monday August 11 at 6:30 pm. 1143 E Pender St. We are having a special liturgy for the Feast of St. Clare of Assisi.

As LCWR (Leadership Conference of Women Religious) prepares to gather on this Feast of St. Clare in heartfelt support of so many vowed religious who have faithfully followed God’s call on their lives. They and Clare serve as models of radical discipleship of Jesus, the Christ, the Light of our World. While we may differ in the unique summons placed within each of us, we share a common Baptismal call to keep the Light of Christ burning in our world.

If possible, please bring a dish to share.


July 22 – Feast of St. Mary of Magdalene celebration

Our Lady of Guadalupe Tonantzin Community and the Vancouver Catholic Worker invite you to join us on Tuesday July 22 at 6:30 pm. 1143 E Pender St.

In 2014 our prayer service focuses on the theme, Mary of Magdala: Faithful Witness. We raise up the faithful witness of Mary of Magdala as a model for the gender balance we seek in the church. We recommit ourselves to both recovering the truth of her role in the early church and bringing her example to our communities so we can all learn to live according to her model today. We thank join FutureChurch for providing the materials for this service.

If possible, please bring a dish to share.