Way of the Cross Walk – March 30


Friday March 30, 2018

Noon – 2pm

Starts at First United Church – 320 E. Hastings

An ecumenical pilgrimage through one of Canada’s poorest neighbourhoods; Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside Commemorating the places of pain and hope in our community; Featuring reflection, song and prayer.

The Way of the Cross is an ancient form of meditation, using sight and movement. Early Christians used to walk the “Via Dolorosa” of Jesus in Jerusalem, following in the footsteps of our Lord.

All that is required to “make the stations” is a prayerful pondering of the mystery of Jesus’ suffering, moving from one scene to the next.

Stations: 12:00 noon
1. Gather at First United Church (Hastings & Gore Sts.)
2. the Listening Post (382 Main St.)
3. process to Community Court and also, Salad Bowl alleyway
4. process to St. James Anglican church
5. process to St. Paul’s RC Church
6. Oppenheimer park near the Totem poles


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