Global Meditation for the Earth (Vancouver) – Sunday Nov. 26

Le Ciel Foundation and the Center for Sacred Studies have asked people all over the world to connect and meditate together to support the 12 elders united in council (watch video,, and send a clear message in favour of planet Earth and all Indigenous traditions around the globe.

To support the work of these elders, but also to thank planet Earth and Indigenous traditions all over the world, the Our Lady of Guadalupe Tonantzin Community Society is asking you to join us in a global meditation on November 26 2017. Help us make November 26th a meaningful day all around the globe !

2pm – St. Kateri Centre, 887 Keefer St, Vancouver

We will be gently guided into a meditating on a short passage from Genesis.  The agenda for the time is as follows.

  • Guided intro
  • Genesis reading
  • 20 minutes silent meditation
  • Sharing
  • Social time

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