We are a KAIROS community!

In October 2012 our community contacted KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives and asked to be a member. We have received a package of information and resources along with a welcome letter from KAIROS. Here is some of what the letter says:

Who is KAIROS?

  • KAIROS supports innovative and grassroots work for social justice on behalf of eleven churches and religious organizations
  • Our international social justice network includes 22 global partner organizations
  • Our commitment to justice is inspired by faith, but we work with justice-seekers of diverse beliefs and nationalities

What makes KAIROS different?

  • We are a grassroots movement – working with our many partners in a spirit of equality and respect
  • We fund alternatives – making creative and community-driven solutions possible
  • We believe there are no easy fixes – committing for the long haul to work for justice and peace

Stay tuned as we hope to organize, with other KAIROS groups in Vancouver, a workshop called Making it Matter: the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in May 2013.



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