Vikki Marie’s first community Eucharist

Rev. Dr. Vikki Marie celebrated her first Eucharist at Samaritan House on Saturday evening with a small group of friends present. It felt like the completion of the whole celebration of her ordination, which started a week ago Friday with the gathering of some of the Roman Catholic Womenpriests at the Vancouver Catholic Workers’ Samaritan House. Vikki says “It felt great to begin this new phase of service in my life”. (See our About page for the current worship schedule.)



One thought on “Vikki Marie’s first community Eucharist

  1. In the Roman Catholic Church, women are not permitted to be priests. Since the Roman Catholic Church has excommunicated you, you have no “right” to call yourself a Roman Catholic, much less a Roman Catholic priestess. You are most certainly not performing a valid Roman Catholic Mass. Your behaviour demonstrates complete contempt for the Roman Catholic Faith. You are a fraud. Since you don’t agree with the Roman Catholic Church position, please stop representing yourself as a Roman Catholic. If you find it necessary to call yourself a priestess, you are free to found your own Church, but don’t go calling it Roman Catholic. The name is already taken!

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